Jazz Residences - Towers

The Jazz Residences is situated in the Makati neighborhood in the Manila, and it is well known for its sun terrace and an outdoor pool. The Century City is exactly hundred meters from the residence. Some of the units at the Jazz Residences have a sitting area and a balcony. The kitchens are fitted with a refrigerator and microwave. The bed linens are also available. The famous Power Plant Mall is only one kilometer from the Jazz Residences. Manila International Airport is the nearest airport from the residence since it is only 6.9 kilometers from the Jazz Residences. Makati is a perfect choice for the travelers who are interested in clothes shopping, entertainment and in business. The residence welcomes all visitors. It was fully opened on May 1, 2017.

About Jazz Residences

The Jazz Residences is known for its cozy and quaint restaurants as well as luxe designer shops for the condo units. The Reposo District in Makati is a haven of an artist. In this special residence, SMDC locates the Jazz Residences, which is a four-tour vertically designed with its own Jazz Mall, accompanied with various commercial spaces, Hypermart, and food establishments. Enjoy all that the Jazz Residences have to provide, and much more. 

Special Features at The Jazz Residences

The Jazz Residences is made of four elevators, which are in each towers A and C as well as other six elevators which are in each tower B and D in the area. The elevators are advantageous since they help the home owners in moving large staffs up to their condo units instead of hiring people to help them carry the large staffs. Also, the elevators help the disable to access the upper condo units with ease. And for those who do not like using the stairs, the elevators are there to help you out! With the elevators around, there is no commotion within the towers.

Who would love to reside in an area where there are no fire securities? The Jazz Residences is installed with automatic fire detections as well as alarm systems. Hence, in the case of any fire outbreak, the automatic fire sprinklers will settle down the fire in its early stages. Therefore, the residents should worry less about their properties being destroyed by any fire outbreaks. Also, the presence of the alarm systems plays a great role in ensuring that the security within the area is tight. In the case of any unauthorized break ins, the alarm system will alert the authorities as well as the homeowners as soon as possible. All the alarm system and the automated fire detection systems are well monitored and serviced by the project management team.

Another special feature that is present at the Jazz Residence is the standby generators which are set in common areas as well as the select unit. The residents are given the chance of enjoying a 24-hour supply of power because of the presence of a standby generator which supplies electrical power to all the condo units in the case of power loss. The power supplied by the standby generator can support all the electrical appliances of the homeowners. Why wait? Buy one of the units at the Jazz Residences to start enjoying a 24-hour power supply from the comfort of your home.

Are you tired of moving from your home to the city just to get your mails? Tire no more! The Jazz Residences provides their homeowners with a chance of accessing their sent documents in the comfort of their homes. All you have to do is purchase one of the condo units and just change your mail address to that of the Jazz Residences, and you will be able to access all your sent documents at the available mailroom.

Another amazing feature at the Jazz Residence is the presence of Jazz Mall which is just at the Ground Floor. The residents get the privilege of buying anything they need just counted steps from their homes. The Jazz Mall consists of everything that a homeowner may want to access which include fast foods, accessories, clothes, furniture, name them all. The Mall operates on a 24-hour schedule; hence, the residents can access all the want at the mall at any time of the day.

The project management team has also ensured there is a tight security at the residence. 24-hour-security systems are well monitored in residence. The residents feel free to get to their homes even in the late hours due to the tight security within the complex. If you are one of the homeowners who get out of your working area at the end of hours, the Jazz Residences is just a great place for you to stay! Also, there are CCTV cameras that are strategically installed in common areas as well at the parking area. Hence, in case something fishy happens in residence, the issue can easily be resolved from the recorded footage.