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Why you should consider online Travel agents

Online travel agencies have come a long way. They have evolved from just a website for booking flights and hotels to becoming your all-in-one travel consultant. Several websites now offer you complete package deals – from flight bookings to hotel accommodation to car rentals.

While there are numerous reasons why one should consider using OTA services while planning a trip, here are several reasons that can force you to switch to them.

  1. Be your travel agent

One of the main reasons people prefer to use OTA services is because it allows them to be their agents without paying for being one. Travel agencies are helpful when it comes to finding cheap flights and hotels at your preferred destination or within a particular budget range. The search options on OTAs are extensive, which makes it even easier for travelers to look up the best deals available in town. And while they might not always have the latest information about upcoming promotions, OTAs do offer some pretty good discounts now and then. Most importantly, these sites act as middlemen between you and the actual service providers (airlines/hotels), making the booking process very smooth.

  1. Save on flight bookings

Several travel sites offer exclusive deals, discounts, and offers on flights. After you decide on your preferred destination, OTAs can help you find the most cost-effective flights to it. Some websites even estimate how much each leg of the journey will cost, giving you a clear picture of what kind of ticket options are available for it. While they cannot always guarantee the lowest fares, almost all OTAs do their best to bring them to you! Furthermore, most flight search portals now have mobile apps that allow people to book tickets without their desktops or laptops. This is especially handy when one is looking for last-minute ‘oh-crap-my-vacation’s started’ deals.

  1. Use OTA’s price prediction tools to get the best deal

Most travel agencies offer their customers an option of ‘Price Prediction.’ This is a service wherein you can enter your details and choose your preferred date of travel, and OTAs will tell you which days are likely to be expensive during that period to avoid them. While this feature is available with only some OTAs (Flipkart Travel, for example), it can come in quite handy while planning trips at short notice.

  1. Customize your trip by adding activities beforehand

Many websites now allow users to book tickets for various entertainment before they head out on vacation. (plussreiser) This service is especially helpful for those interested in trying out adventure sports at their chosen destination. ( Not only do OTAs make the booking process very easy, but they also offer discounts (especially on activities like whitewater rafting or rock climbing) that can save you a lot of money on your vacation. All user has to do is choose what activity he/she would like to try and leave the rest on OTA. (

  1. Get the best deal for car rentals

Another aspect where travel agencies can help people out is while renting cars for sightseeing or excursions during your vacation. Car rentals are usually one of the most expensive services for trips abroad, but thanks to OTAs, you have many options available so that you can get the best rates.


Travel portals allow you to access travel information, deals, and options online in real-time. They provide the best deals in the market and offer facilities like customized trip planning, price prediction tools, pre-booking of activities, and car rentals. Additionally, OTAs also offer users options of exchanging their currency at better rates to get more for their money while traveling abroad!