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What Does a Travel Agent Do?

Planning a trip – even one guaranteed to be fun and memorable – can be a complicated and migraine-inducing experience. Travel agents work to simplify this process for you so that you can have the smoothest trip possible. But how exactly do they do this, and why should you work with a travel agency?

Roles of a Travel Agent

The primary role of travel agents is to make the travel planning process easier for you and ensure you enjoy your trip. At first, they will consult with you about your preferred travel destination and use their experience to suggest places to visit, accommodation, transportation, and other key needs. Because they are restricted to a budget, they will make all these plans within your financial limits so that you don’t go overboard and burn your savings on safari.

Travel agents don’t work alone – they coordinate with airlines, resorts, cruise lines, hotels, and car rental companies to prepare a complete travel package for you. They research information about your destination and keep you informed about weather patterns, currency exchanges, customs, political climates, and required documents so that you never run into any trouble.

What to Expect from Your Travel Agent

As you can see, the main responsibility of a travel agent is to take all the stress out of traveling and allow you to enjoy your trip. If you are considering working with a travel agency, here are some services you should expect from your agent:

  1. Tour design and development
  2. Accommodation and travel reservations, including hotel, airline tickets, car rentals, etc.
  3. Producing a tour itinerary and finding tour escorts.
  4. Telephone or face-to-face consultations
  5. Planning holiday tours
  6. Finding sales, deals, and upgrades.
  7. Handling delays or hitches in transportation or accommodation.

This list is in no way exhaustive of all the services you could receive from a travel agent. During the hiring process, you should inquire about what your agent will do for you.