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Who Is a Travel Agent?

A travel agent is a trained professional whose role is to arrange travel for individuals, groups, or corporations. Usually, they work as part of a travel agency or individually and tend to have connections with car rentals, airlines, hotels, travel insurance companies, and other suppliers. Their primary job is to simplify the travel planning process for you through services like consultation and travel packages.

As mentioned, a travel agent could be self-employed or work with a travel agency. Additionally, they might specialize in one area of travel, such as business trips, leisure travel, safari, or destination weddings. This is important to remember when hiring a travel agent so that you don’t hire an adventure travel agent for a meeting trip – although you can always hire a general agent.

Agents are paid through commission and typically get 10 to 15 percent of the money paid to transportation companies, hotels, tourist sites, etc. They also often have access to deals that could save you money that you otherwise would not have found out about on your own.

Working with a travel agency is an excellent move if your trip involves several destinations or you are traveling internationally. This is because, with a few phone calls, you can relinquish all the stress of travel planning to your agent, who will use their experience to create a complete travel packet.

Besides this, your travel agent will ensure you remain within budget and will even get you some deals for extra savings. They will book your flights, rent cars, make hotel reservations, and even follow weather forecasts to tell you what to pack for your trip! If you are traveling to a new country, they will also advise you on the currency exchange and customs.

Generally, travel agents work from their desks throughout the year to ensure that you travel the world without all the stress and headache of travel planning.